AMDJAR means The Guest in the Amazigh Language.

Amazigh people have been known since ancient times for their generosity and noble morals. They honor the guest, treat the stranger in need, and open their doors to him, and these customs and traditions still continue to this day.

The passengers or merchants, beggars, and others did not find it embarrassing to resort to one of the villages or travelers to seek food and drink or to seek shelter and accommodation, and the people of the villages did not hesitate to receive these guests, honor them, and be kind to them, and the security concern was not present in the mind of any party, neither the people of The villages express their fear of these strangers, nor do these guests harbor evil and intrigue for their hosts, it is mutual trust and goodwill.

In order to preserve such social and human values, we chose this name for one of the tents in the camp.


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