Pueblo Touareg Sahara Adventures

Prepare to be enchanted by the Sahara Desert, where a world of diverse and exciting experiences awaits your discovery. Pueblo Touareg serves as your gateway to the hidden treasures of this expansive, otherworldly terrain. From thrilling desert safaris that traverse the ever-shifting dunes to stargazing under the clear, infinite desert skies, our platform provides valuable insights into the Sahara’s myriad wonders. Dive into the rich culture of the indigenous nomadic tribes, relish the tranquility of the boundless sands, and be awestruck by the intricate natural formations sculpted over eons. With our comprehensive information and tips, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your Sahara adventure from the comfort and luxury of Pueblo Touareg, uncovering the splendor and mystique of this extraordinary desert. Welcome to an unforgettable world of Sahara hotel experiences at Pueblo Touareg!

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Meet the Sahara experts

Exploring the Sahara by Camel or foot – whether on an overnight excursion or a longer desert safari – is one of Morocco’s top activities and most rewarding wilderness experiences. We are located in one of Morocco’s most evocative stretches of Saharan sand dunes, Erg Chebbi. We invite you to […]

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